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We want to be the best sales recruitment consultancy in Australia, so it’s only natural that we recruit the best people. People who are great with other people. Determined, enthusiastic people who work hard, taking pride in that work. In short, someone who goes the extra mile. Not just because they want to earn good money (and we will reward you well), but because it satisfies them to make their candidates and clients happy.
Does that sound like you? If it does, take a look at our recruitment consultant jobs.

What it’s like to work here?

We believe that we’re a fair company. If someone works hard and demonstrates commitment, we reward them. If their ambition is to manage a team or a division, we offer help and guidance to help them achieve their goal. And if someone shows promise – no matter what their experience – we’ll do all we can to help them fulfil their potential.

A bit about us

Since BMS UK was founded back in 1990, we have believed that ‘the success of an organisation is directly proportional to the investment it puts into its people’. We know how important good people are – and how hard it is to find them. So, while our selection process is tough, you can be sure that the rewards will be high if you make it through.

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