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Career Advice On Becoming An Entrepreneur - Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson - Founder of Virgin

Sir Richard Branson founded Virgin in 1970 - it started off as a mail order record retailer. Today the Virgin Group is made up of around 200 companies spanning 30 countries with involvements in leisure, travel, tourism, mobile, broadband, TV, radio, music festivals, finance, health and more. Not bad for a guy who left school with "pretty well no qualifications"!

Career Advice On Becoming A Sales Executive - Amanda Baber, Baxter Storey

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Amanda Baber - Sales Executive at Baxter Storey

Sales Executive Amanda Baber left school at sixteen, did an NVQ in Business and started work as a receptionist. When she was made redundant from that company she found a career within a catering business and "started at the bottom", working her way up from Sales Administrator to Sales Executive with Baxter Storey.

Career Advice On Becoming A Television Presenter - Tim Lovejoy

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Tim Lovejoy - TV Presenter

Tim Lovejoy is a TV Presenter, Producer and Writer, who also owns his own internet channel. When he left school he went to work at a company selling mortgages, but knew this wasn't his dream job. So he decided to try to get a job as a TV presenter - "I was working for free during the days at any TV company I could get my hands on, and then at night I'd do bar jobs or I'd try and go on tour flogging t-shirts with bands". His hard work paid off, as he has now fused his dream job as a presenter with his personal passion - football.

Career Advice On Becoming A Team Leader - Mark Howard, Smith & Nephew

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Mark Howard - Team Leader at Smith & Nephew

Mark Howard is a Team Leader at Smith & Nephew, "my work is the early stage of product development with the medical devices that we use every day". His parents have been very supportive, "my mum calls me Dr Howard to anyone that'll listen and I think that's really nice".

Career Advice On Becoming An Advertising Manager - Nicky Spooner, Cosmopolitan Magazine

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Nicky Spooner - Advertising Manager for Cosmopolitan Magazine

Nicky Spooner is the Advertising Manager for Comsopolitan Magazine. "Publishing was my big dream... I walked into the Daily Express on my first day, it was like walking onto a film set." Nicky loves her work she gets "the thrill of getting that deal".

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