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Understanding your skills - introduction

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In this video employers discuss their views about how self-aware a typical interviewee is and why this is important. How can you become more self aware? 


Interviewer preparation - introduction

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This video provides insight into how employers get ready for interview. How do they prepare? They
tend to be quite busy so don't expect them to analyse every line of your CV - its up to you to make sure your best points get talked about.


How to approach recruiters - introduction

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In this video recruiters explain the best ways for candidates to approach them. What's the best way to contact them and how often?


Understanding your weaknesses - introduction

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What are your weaknesses is a notoriously difficult and badly handled interview question. We put employers on the spot to see how they coped when asked.

Explaining redundancy - introduction

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What is the best way to explain a redundancy in an interview? What should you say and what shouldn't you say?

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