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Johnnie Boden - Executive Chairman

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Johnnie Boden is Chief Executive of Boden, the online, mail order clothing retailer. "My family were fairly surprised and didn't understand it at all. They didn't think it was a proper job, selling clothes". Johnnie had several false starts in his career before he found what suited him.

Kevin Spacey - Actor & Artistic Director

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Kevin Spacey is an Oscar-winning Actor and the Artistic Director of the Old Vic Theatre in London. He had a love for the theatre from a young age, and a guidance counsellor suggested to him that he use his "excessive amount of energy" studying Drama at Julliard. Kevin is now based in London and, when he's not making movies or playing ping-pong, he dedicates his time to supporting emerging talent in the film world.

Sir Richard Branson - Founder and President, Virgin Group

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Sir Richard Branson founded Virgin in 1970 - it started off as a mail order record retailer. Today the Virgin Group is made up of around 200 companies spanning 30 countries with involvements in leisure, travel, tourism, mobile, broadband, TV, radio, music festivals, finance, health and more. Not bad for a guy who left school with "pretty well no qualifications"!

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